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Shadi Ganjavian-Connor - Founder of TEAM GC

Shadi Ganjavian-Connor - Founder of TEAM GC

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Dreams

TEAM GC work with like minded brands and individuals to spot opportunities for change, whilst embarking upon extraordinary and challenging projects to make a difference to our world and those around us.

We are a growing community, an extended family born from the awe-inspiring personal endeavours of Shadi Ganjavian-Connor who thanks to the amazing support and encouragement of her family and other believers she was inspired to set up TEAM GC We would love for you to join us.

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Our projects turn heads and inspire others. The most recent endeavour gained media attention in 2017 Shadi created The Matterhorn Fundraising Challenge with the aim of reaching a fundraising goal as high as the mountain itself. Reaching the top of this iconic peak is no mean feat but Shadi had to overcome and extreme fear of heights in order to achieve her dream. Her passion that ‘Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone’ saw her stand on top of the Matterhorn in July that year and along with other fundraising initiatives such as The Make A Difference Ball raised over £75,000 for local children’s charity The Murray Parish Trust.

For 2019 Shadi is embarking on the next level of projects to challenge herself and others to include the North-South traverse of Mt Elburus (the highest peak in Europe) and leading a group of non-climbers to Mt Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru peak.

Join Us on our next adventure


Mount Kilimanjaro October 2019

Join a group of around 20 non-climbers to the ‘Rooftop of Africa’ late this year.


Live from a mountain somewhere

Shadi will be holding a Skype Classroom live from her mountain adventures in 2019 streaming to schools

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