Chris Spice Filming

 I was approached by Shadi to work on a video project for Ahmad Tea, who sponsored her climb of the Matterhorn. Shadi has a very welcoming and warming personality from the moment you meet her, making working alongside her a lot less like work! Shadi also has a fierce drive to achieve more and push herself and others to 'climb higher', and so her motivation and spark really rubs off on the people that surround her. She's an inspiring person who has put her heart into helping others and I'm 100% sure she is only going to be doing bigger and better things in the future.

The Murray Parish Trust

Shadi is an ambassador for the Murray Parish Trust, and has achieved an extraordinary amount for our charity, bringing us very much closer to our goal of building a much-needed new children’s Emergency Department at University Hospital Southampton, which will serve most of the South of England. Not only has she personally raised close to £30,000 from feats as varied as climbing the Matterhorn, holding motivational speaking events, and competing in a Zumbathon, but she has spread the message about what we are doing far and wide, and has inspired countless others to raise money, donate and volunteer for our cause. Her tiny but tough frame contains a heart the size of Hampshire, and enough grit to keep every road in Britain free of snow! She’s one of the kindest, most decent, tenacious and charismatic people it’s ever been my privilege to meet - a true role model.