Educate, Collaborate & Dare to be Different


Expeditions and challenges provide Shadi and TEAM GC with an expanding wealth of valuable experiences which she has been inspired to share, in the form of a series of inspirational talks to schools, communities and businesses. These ‘tours’ have proved to be extremely popular, receiving some excellent feedback and inspiring attendees to leave their own comfort zones, push their limits and actively raise funds on behalf of the causes which are close to TEAM GC’s collective heart. Not only does this build confidence, but creates a need to develop communication and business skills within those who take on their personal fundraising challenges.

As a wife and mother of two school age daughters, Shadi relates well with any audience and her diminutive frame serves to deceive and mask the huge energy and passion which motivates her, ensuring quite an impact on all in attendance. Her talks are very interactive, particularly in schools, as Shadi encourages questions and discussion, as well as taking along a selection of some of the equipment used during her adventures at altitude. Storytelling is a skill which is second nature to Shadi and her ability to pitch at the right level to engage the audience, ensures that her messages are clearly understood. From inception to completion, interlaced with reinforcement of sponsor and collaborative support, the highs and lows, successes and stumbling blocks of each challenge captivate and inspire those who attend.



This year we are extremely excited to be able to bring challenges to life for supporters by having the Kilimanjaro 2019 expedition linked to participating schools and businesses via periodic live Satellite link, direct from the mountain itself. This will serve to create a truly unique, dynamic and interactive experience altogether using Microsoft Skype in the Classroom.

“‘My objective is to resonate with my audience and show them how alike we all are and just what we are capable of achieving.

I am just a regular woman whose life journey has been very colourful, and I love sharing stories of my successes and my failures. I share anecdotes of my nomadic upbringing, stories of studying at the most prestigious schools and encourage my audience to fear failure less and to do more. The question: ‘What would they do if they did not fear failing?’ is a continuing theme in my talks.

I aim to get the children excited to be active and allow them to believe in themselves. Speaking at schools and elsewhere raises the profile of our sponsors, the charities we support and often results in participants embarking on their own personal challenges for their own causes and goals.It fills me with joy answering the children’s questions and hearing back from the schools that they wish me to return to do further talks. The feedback which I receive regarding the discussion and activity which takes place after my visits is reward almost equal to planting the summit flag.” Shadi

I will never forget the message I received from a head teacher telling me that one of her children, a young boy who struggled to fit in, had decided to take a 10-mile cycle challenge to raise money for his chosen charity after hearing me speak. This had given the boy lots of confidence and allowed him to make new friends which previously he had not been able to do.”


Within business environments, talks are aimed at reinforcing the value and power of working as a team, playing to team members strengths and problem solving through innovative and creative thought process to arrive at solution, rather than simply following the ‘prescribed solution process’. Team unity built around inclusion and participation, without fear of isolation for daring to be different and challenging the norms, is the key to success. Only when you understand how to overcome failure, can you truly be successful.

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